Phone: (403) 655-2211
PO Box 790, 512 3 Street South
Grassy Lake, AB, T0K 0Z0

About Our School

Chamberlain School has been in existence for over 100 years! Currently, it accommodates around 200 students in the rural area of Grassy Lake. The majority of students are of Low German speaking Mennonite backgrounds, all of whom English is a second language. At Chamberlain, we believe in celebrating diversity, so a Low German culture and language course is offered throughout the year for all students in K-9. We also run a Music and Drama program for students who choose fine arts enrichment.

Student success is a high priority at Chamberlain. Teachers and support staff work eagerly and collaboratively to ensure the best possible learning experiences for all children in the school. The staff is well informed in best practices for English language learners, differentiation, and student engagement. In fact, Chamberlain School was recognized by Alberta Education in 2012 as a highly successful school, and was highlighted for its best practices in rural education!

Chamberlain staff and parents are also dedicated to providing a highly engaging athletics program that is open to participation by all students in the school. Athletics at the school include volleyball, basketball, badminton, cross country, and track and field.

Students are also involved in the school through a yearly high school play, student council, and leadership team. Students are able to demonstrate their creativity, school spirit, and initiatives for school improvement through these activities.